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Advash Nuwa


Adva is a vocal artist, healer, performer and sonic therapist, singer, and musician from Israel who uses her voice as a tool to stimulate healing and meaningful transformation, and for channeling ancient and new voices

Adva has developed a unique method of combining shamanic prayers with vocal therapy meditation, breathing techniques.

She has been studying and exploring sound and therapy for a decade both in the USA, India, Brazil, and currently in Israel.

Adva's work combines spiritual and emotional release work, touch, movement, and Love.

"Music has always been my gate to the outside world and my way to connect to my higher inner self, to break free from the world into a place of harmony and wisdom and being nourished by my angels and by unconditional love ...For many years I have shared workshops and circles of voice healing and music journeys around the world. I have worked with many people in personal and group sessions to help them find and connect to their true voices and their artistry.”

Adva has traveled around the globe collecting tribal cultural music and chants that, with her voice, travel between an earthy deep range to the angelic highest frequency.

From 2004-2012 , she started to record her album "new worlds " and performed at many festivals in Israel, with the CD being released in 2009 .

In 2006 while traveling in India, she discovered the connection between sound and healing while exploring the voice as a healing tool that can liberate us.

In 2013 she lived in Brazil and shared her music with the Jewish community in Rio de Janero. She was a music producer and brought a lot of her own Hebrew prayer compositions and a new way of sing-along. She recorded the album "Pray " that compiled sacred Jewish music from the bible composed by her and others.

For many years she has worked with children as a storyteller and with her approach to acting and music, she created a magical experience of theater and activities.

In 2017 she arrived in the USA, she played, sang and collaborate with various of musicians like Jah Levi and Bhagavan Das and began creating her own tribal-fusion-progressive music, while improvising and channeling the music of the moment.

"The story of creation is where we all meet again …that's what I like to sing, so I can meet you again …."

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