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Sound Healing Ceremony

A powerful ritual of Alchemy & Healing through the resonance frequencies of the voice.

The ceremonies are taking place in nature, near water, inside caves or any other sacred spaces indoor and outdoor.

I sing frequencies, earthly and higher, that transform, balance & synchronize the elements and facilitate deep healing in the human body.

The sounds have the power to create a connection between us and the earth, rejuvenate our cells and DNA, and awaken healthy life energy.

I will take us on a sacred journey, singing and channeling ancient and new vibrations and sounds that transform and open our receptivity for a new vision.

On the second part, you'll be invited to put a note with your intention, prayer or request in the “magic box” and I'll focus on the first 5 notes, channeling them by singing their melodies and sounds for the manifestation of your prayers.

Through the singing, some blockages may be released and you may witness and experience the new potential of your essence.


Tribal Song Circle

An ecstatic celebration that empowers the uniqueness, strength, vitality, and expression of your authentic self.

A sacred singing circle that unifies us in a fun and deep way. A space to open our hearts through sound and medicine songs, connecting to our roots and our higher selves. Adva will leads us through intuitive meditative singing using tribal sounds, breath & movement to open our throat chakras and connect with the divine wisdom of Mama Music.

Join us in a place of communion between heaven and earth, where our bodies and spirits are united as one.

We’ll be connecting to The One Wildness, the earthly root, through shamanic activation, singing, prayers and transforming ancient and new chants from various native cultures, lands and languages. By singing special chants composed by Adva we will connect to the cosmic source within us.

The circle is an opportunity supported by our ancestors to Let Go.

Spiritual Vocal Journey

No special singing ability is required.

This is a space to connect to our true selves, to set our voice free, and to liberate our most painful traumatic memories through the healing properties of sound, a place for us to purify and restore our energetic fields and bodies.

We'll foster our connection to the earth and life-force energy with energetic work that balances body and soul. .

Through the use of our voices, we will open up to receive information from our higher selves where we shall gain new insights about our healing prospects. We will activate a new vibrational frequency and learn how to make use of our own special gifts and potentials, as well as letting go of that which no longer serves us.

Through our voices, the source calls us on a journey into our most sacred place within, a place of blissful light, where we immerse ourselves in the immaculate tune of creation.

A place where we find a rightful home within our own form.

The session will enable us to go through an in-depth, strengthening and developing process, the main instrument of which is the voice, which has many dimensions and presents opportunities for connection, healing, expression, spirituality, and creativity.

Benefits include increased self-confidence and Self-knowledge in all areas of life.

The Group is a safe space to explore & create through sound and music, deliver your message, express your authentic self, and shine!

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